Parent's Sharing from Mrs Wu


Student(學生):Anson Ho, Ambrose Ho


Center(分校):Fortress Hill(炮台山)

Briefly answer on the following questions:

i)  How do you feel when you first came to Monkey Tree? How do you feel now, after your child has attended for so long?

Emily : It’s a very warm and welcoming center, staff and teachers are very nice and they love kids from the bottom of their hearts

ii)  Tell us three things about your child. Why did you think Monkey Tree is suitable for your child?

Emily : Reading became Anson’s habit since she started learning at Monkey Tree. After studying phonics she’s willing to read independently.

Emily : Ambrose is more outgoing and confident when speaking in English after studying at Monkey Tree.

Emily : Staff and teachers care about the progression of the students. They will suggest courses for my kids to have better improvements in their learning.


iii)  What progress or results do you see in your child after he started studying Monkey Tree? What noticeable improvements are there?

Emily :  Anson is now always among the top 3 students in her school’s English class.

Emily :  Ambrose is going to Diocesan Boys' School Primary Division in September 2015.


iv)  What was the most memorable thing your child has told you about Monkey Tree?

Emily :  Ambrose always told us about the new words or concepts he has learnt from Monkey Tree.


v)  Please share one parenting tip, in general, to tell other parents out there.

Emily : Be confident while giving professional advices to children.
Emily : Be patient on their improvement.