Parent's Sharing from Mrs Choi

Parent (家長)  : Alice Choi

Student (學生) : Henry Chan

Courses(課程) : Phonics (拼音班)

Center (分校) : Hang Hau (坑口)

Thanks for Monkey Tree’s whole-hearted and endeavored teaching. Teachers in Monkey Tree are both professional and patient; and they always devote themselves in education. Monkey Tree is equipped with diverse facilities such as modern classrooms; and what is more important is that they provide comprehensive systems to teach students. A very good example is their English phonics program which is taught by native English teachers a long side with well-designed, colorful notes which are very interesting and easy to read.
Generally speaking, Monkey Tree provides a remarkable quality of education and contributed significantly to the improvements of my son’s English ability. I would like to thank Monkey Tree once more for their patience and effort.”