TESL Courses in Hong Kong

Looking for a career as an English teacher in the U.S., UK, Canada, or Australia? Then you’ll need to equip yourself with a TESL certificate! Monkey Tree English Learning Center is widely known for its TESL courses in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and Macau. We will aid you in bettering your English skills and prepare you for your future career in teaching. Apply now to take the test and establish where exactly you are standing with your current English knowledge. We will assess your skills and place you in the best group and classroom environment that will enable you to improve quickly and with ease.

What Is TESL Course

TESL course (short for Teaching English as a Second Language) is a program designed to prepare its students for an entrance exam upon which they will receive TESL certificate. It represents an internationally recognized certificate required from individuals who are looking for a career as an English language teacher in any of the native English speaking countries, as well as countries where English is a first language.

Where Can I Teach

TESL certificate holder can teach in any country world-wide where English is a first language. It is a common practice for teachers who have passed a TESL course in Hong Kong to teach in private native English language schools as an instructor or a support teacher. You will be eligible to teach the language to students whose native language is not English, that is, to students who are learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

Which TESL Course To Enroll In

At Monkey Tree English Learning Center we have a wide range of TESL programs, classified in accordance with the number of classes it takes to complete them. We also ask all of our new students to take an entrance test to evaluate their knowledge of English. This allows us to place you in a group with peers who are on about the same level as you. Such classroom environment hastens the process of learning and gets you to the goal much faster. Need more information about our classes and different levels you can enroll in? Feel free to contact a member of our staff who will explain everything you need to know about our TESL courses in Hong Kong.

What Will I Learn

In order to become a teacher of English in a country where English is a first language, all your language skills need to be perfected. Monkey Tree TESL program is designed in such way that reading, writing, speaking and listening are all progressing simultaneously. We also organize specialized classes where you get the chance to work on one skill at a time and address some of your weakest points. Aside from helping you better your language comprehension, our educators also make sure they introduce you to the Western culture. All this will only further benefit your teaching skills.

Why Choose Monkey Tree?

Monkey Tree has a year-long reputation for being one of the best and most professional English Learning Centers in the entire Hong Kong area and beyond. While we started locally with only a few small groups of students and beginner classes, today we are proud to lead dozens of English language schools in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories and Macau. Whatever your age or level of knowledge may be, rest assured we have a course designed just for you. All of our beginner and advanced TESL programs in Hong Kong are taught in small groups, so that each student gets the amount of attention they need. Enroll in one of Monkey Tree TESL courses and become a fellow teacher yourself!

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