TEFL Courses in Hong Kong

Looking to become a certified English teacher? At Monkey Tree English Learning Center you can perfect your English skills and become an international language educator. Not only are all of our teachers native speakers, they have years of classroom experience. Over the years they have guided a multitude of students on their way to receiving their TEFL certificate. Enroll in our TEFL course in Hong Kong and teach English anywhere in the world!

What Is TEFL Course

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course is designed to train new teachers to further their teaching and language skills. TEFL courses in Hong Kong will prepare you for a career in teaching English anywhere in the world. Monkey Tree is one of the most reputable English Learning Centers in Hong Kong, and we offer all TEFL certification and training you are required to receive in order to become an internationally-recognized English teacher.

Why Do I Need TEFL Course

If you are looking to get a job as an English teacher in a foreign country, you will need to obtain a TEFL certificate. It is an internationally accepted course and upon its completion you are certain to have adequate teaching skills and language knowledge needed to become an English language educator anywhere in the world.

Which Course To Enroll In

Monkey Tree offers several TEFL courses in Hong Kong you can enroll in, and they are categorized in accordance with the amount of in-class hours it takes to complete them. In order for you to be sure you have an all-round knowledge to transfer to your students, we recommend taking the most intensive TEFL course. It will allow you not only to improve your English language skills, but also better your teaching and the ability to transfer knowledge to students of all ages and learning capabilities. As a result, you will be confident to step into any classroom in the world. For more information on the number of classes you need to take in order to pass a TEFL course in Hong Kong, feel free to get in touch with Monkey Tree and find out. One of our employees will gladly recommend the best one and provide a detailed description of the course so you know exactly what awaits you on your journey to TEFL certificate.

What Will I Learn

All TEFL courses in Monkey Tree English Learning Center are designed to perfect your knowledge of English and improve your teaching skills. While all classes focus on building all language skills at once, each hour will put emphasis on the development of one language aspect, be it writing, speaking, listening or reading. By the end of the entire TEFL course, you can expect your grammar and vocabulary to be matched with that of a native English speaker. At Monkey Tree, we also understand that knowing a language is not enough to be a good educator - for this reason, all TEFL Hong Kong courses are designed to teach you classroom methodology basics and methods for transferring knowledge to others.

Why Choose Monkey Tree?

Monkey Tree English Learning Center is the most widely recognized language school in Hong Kong. We are praised for the range of our courses, as we provide both beginner and advanced programs. Our English teachers are ready to take you from the very basics to the native speakers level of knowledge. With our professional guidance, you can rest assured you will be able to apply for any certificate needed to work and teach English abroad. Want to know more about our TEFL courses in Hong Kong?

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