• 2 classes/ week or 1 class/ week (Seedling Level only)
  • 1 hour / class
  • Max.5
Our Phonics program will enable your child to build the foundation required to become a fluent English reader and speller. Different combinations (including blends, digraphs, and letter sounds) are taught, read, and spelled throughout the course. A strong emphasis will be placed on pronunciation to ensure your child pronounces words with native-level clarity. Towards the end of our program, your child will have developed a strong foundation in the English language with solid reading, spelling, and pronunciation skills.

What is Phonics?

Phonics is a system of relationships between letters and sounds in a language. It is vital that students remember the sound of each letter so that they can blend them to pronounce words

Course Levels


Phonics Introduction
Seedling Level 1

Students are familiar with the shape for each letter in the alphabet and know the corresponding sound that each letter makes. Students have developed their fine-motor skills and are able to hold and manipulate a pencil for writing.

Milestone 1
After approx.
6 - 8 months’ study

Students can identify and recall all letter names and sounds. They are able to write independently and can differentiate the beginning sound from the rest of the word

Milestone 2
After approx.
12 months’ study

Students have memorized short vowel sounds and can blend simple, four letter words naturally. Students can also read and spell these words quickly and accurately

Milestone 3
After approx.
14 - 16 months’ study

Students are equipped to read and spell complex blends and can differentiate between them, as well as long and short vowels, with ease.

Milestone 4
After approx.
18 - 24 months’ study

Students have a solid foundation of complex word groups. They are to read simple stories independently and fluently. Students pronounce blends naturally with correct intonation and are able to spell six letter words with precision.

Students are now ready to advance to more academically inclined courses. Material in such courses builds on their foundation in Phonics and develops skills related to reading and comprehension, speaking, writing and grammar.

Class Structure

Our Phonics classes incorporate a number of different tasks and activities to ensure that all our learning outcomes are met. After teaching the content, we focus most of the class on reading and dictation. Sufficient time is also provided for listening and writing activities. Every class includes time for reviewing, a related song and a fun game to reinforce what our students have learned.

Course Features

Phonics Jungle Series

The in-house designed Phonics Jungle workbooks have been designed to teach and reinforce key phonetic skills.

Vocabulary Practice 詞彙練習
Listening Practice 聆聽練習
Singing Song 唱歌活動
Max’s Story Review Max 故事重溫
Completion Certificate

Your child will be awarded a certificate of achievement for passing each level.

Passing Exam

A passing exam ensures that they have achieved the language objectives.

Teacher’s Feedback Report

At the end of each month, our teachers will provide you with feedback regarding your child’s progress.

Monkey Town App

Our in-house designed app reinforces key concepts and vocabulary taught in class.

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Assessment Test

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