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Saturday Primary Monkeys

  • Age: 5-12
  • Saturday 
  • 1.5 hour / class
  • Max.6


  • A (Novice Beginner)
  • B (Beginner)
  • C (Intermediate)
  • D (Advanced)

Course Description

Our Saturday Primary Monkeys courses are organized over four progressive levels. Our courses are taught in conjunction with themes that change monthly. Each course has level specific learning outcomes that are based on speaking, reading, grammar, writing, project planning and presentation activities. Lessons are interactive and a great deal of focus is placed on student engagement. Our teachers utilize a communicative approach to ensure that their students are progressing effectively through the course with their English proficiency closely monitored.

Course Materials

Teacher’s Feedback

Every student enrolled in our course is given a student progress folder. Our teachers use these to provide parents with detailed, academically-orientated written feedback on how their children perform in every lesson. The teachers comment on what was covered in the class, where the student performed well and if there are any areas that require revision in future classes. This allows parents to stay up to date with and closely track their child’s development through the course.

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Assessment Test

Dear Parent,
       Thank you for taking our Online Assessment for General English. Please note that this is not a final assessment of your child’s abilities. This aims to provide you with an estimation of your child’s level for your reference. Please accompany your child to complete the following test. Some parts of this assessment will require your guidance.

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