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Grammar & Writing

  • Age: 5 -12
  • 1 class / week
  • 1 hour / class
  • Max.6


  • A (Novice Beginner)
  • B (Beginner)
  • C (Intermediate)
  • D (Advanced)

Course Description

Our Grammar and Writing courses are expertly designed to fully develop your child’s creativity and ability to effectively write in an articulate and accurate manner. Furthermore, our engaging curriculum is designed to combine the theory and practice of English grammar within various writing structures. Our courses are developed to stimulate a student’s imagination through various planning and hands-on activities which help unleash the little writer within each child. These numerous elements allow students to generate coherent, thought-provoking, and compelling written compositions.

Mind Mapping

Effective planning plays an important role in the creation of creative and accurate written compositions. Thus, at Monkey Tree, we regularly encourage our students to develop mind maps to help aid them in their writing journeys. Mind-mapping is a simple, yet highly effective tool which allows students to improve and enhance their written pieces through the use of a visual representation of their ideas. This powerful tool is used to unlock the potential of the brain, amplify productivity, and unleash one’s creativity.

Expressive Writing

The ability of students to effectively express and articulate their ideas in writing is a critical skill for success. The importance of effective writing is extremely relevant today whether it be writing a text message, email, report, or narrative. The importance of written communication is more relevant today than ever before due to trends in technology. Additionally, written text plays an extremely important role in both education and business. Our Grammar and Writing curriculum infuses different techniques which is used to foster expressive writing and creativity. These different techniques allow students to create more vivid and captivating writing pieces. In our Grammar and Writing courses, students will learn how to effectively organize and structure their writing compositions through the use of effective brainstorming activities, graphic organizers, modelling, and guided writing tasks. 

Cognitive Stimulation

Our teachers are trained to elicit answers and ideas from students through a range of techniques which enable learners to provide information on their own rather than just giving it to them. Elicitation is used for learners to come up with vocabulary, language forms, and for brainstorming. This technique allows students to think outside the box and encourages independent thinking. Our Grammar and Writing courses are designed to promote a collaborative nature within the classroom. This allows students to work together, share ideas, and offer each other support and advice to create stronger writing compositions. Collaboration strengthens writing skills, builds a stronger platform, and increases overall writing proficiency and creativity. Peer editing plays an important role in our Grammar and Writing courses. This process allows students to identify problems within written texts and encourages them to think critically on how to fix errors and inconsistences. It also helps students produce clearer and more coherent writing pieces and improve their overall editing skills. Each Grammar and Writing lesson includes various discussion questions to encourage creative and independent thinking and to get students thinking about the topic being learned. Our guided discussion questions are directly tied to the concepts being taught each week and help improve both written and oral skills.


Grammar plays a fundamental role in the development of cohesive and accurate writing compositions. In order to communicate effectively, students must be able to correctly use grammar to express themselves. Additionally, grammar is an important component in our daily lives and the foundation of communication. Thus, our expert curriculum designers have developed highly structured grammar focuses and applied them to relevant writing concepts. In these classes, students will learn the fundamentals and usefulness of various grammar concepts by gaining an understanding of their rules and related formulas.


Our Grammar and Writing program offers the following key features.

  • 1. Comprehensive Grammar Usage
  • 2. Coherent Writing Development
  • 3. Writing with Confidence
  • 4. Fostering Creativity
  • 5. Writing Techniques & Organization

Grammar Focus

Our workbooks place a strong emphasis on grammatical accuracy. Students are guided through the monthly grammar focus, with concise written summaries and practice exercises.

Writing Focus

  • 1. Skill Review – Our skill review provides extra practice of the key writing focus covered by our teachers in a clear and concise format.
  • 2. Written practice and application of grammar concepts of skills. 

Grammar & Writing workbook

Our workbooks are printed every month, designed by our in-house curriculum team.

Progress report:

Every student enrolled in our course is given individual progress feedback. Our teachers use these to provide parents with detailed, academically-orientated written feedback on how their children perform in every lesson. The teachers comment on what was covered in the class, where the student performed well and if there are any areas that require revision in future classes. This allows parents to stay up to date with and closely track their child’s development throughout the course.

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