ESL Courses in Hong Kong

ESL Courses in Hong Kong Want to further develop your English skills or learn it as a second language from scratch? Monkey Tree English Learning Center offers a wide range of ESL courses for non-native English speakers. Regardless of your age and level of knowledge, we have a course that will meet your requirements and help you master the art of this language in the shortest amount of time possible.

ESL Programs In Hong Kong

At Monkey Tree, our ESL programs (English as a Second Language) are designed to accommodate your language skills and learning capabilities. We offer different course levels you can enroll in, all revolving around one aim - to aid in the development of all students’ English skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Young Learners

Monkey Tree English Learning Center offers ESL courses for children as young as 2 years old and follows them on their journey to some of the more advanced levels. Our classrooms are a friendly and positive learning environment where students don’t feel any pressure. With us you can learn through games and laughter - we strongly encourage interaction among peers to help them break the ice and grow confidence when it comes to speaking a second language in front of others. Adult learners who possess no knowledge of English and want to start from scratch also have an opportunity to do it in an encouraging environment. At Monkey Tree, we understand that language learning and acquisition is much slower pass a certain age. For this reason, we modify our classes to meet everyone’s learning potential. We also make sure our ESL program in Hong Kong includes books specially composed for adult learners - in these classes we focus on discussing more mature topics. Owing to the Monkey Tree English Learning Center and our ESL course you will not only be ready to utilize English on a regular basis in an informal situations and for everyday interactions. We can also help you enrich your vocabulary on a subject matter related to your profession and your specific needs in general.

Course Levels

All of our ESL courses in Hong Kong and other areas comply with the Common European Framework Referencing (CEFR) guidelines. Below you will find the detailed descriptions of each of the levels. At the end of each level, students are able to take an exam to receive an internationally recognized certificate that validates their knowledge and skills.

ESL A0 Beginner Level

Students enrolled in A1 Beginner level are not required to have any knowledge of the language and they start learning from the very basics. There are two types of beginners classified into two groups: absolute beginners who have never before been enrolled in an ESL course in Hong Kong, and false beginners who have studied the language in the past but are not at all confident in the knowledge they have and would rather start again.

ESL A1 Elementary

Elementary students possess the knowledge of the basic phrases and can comprehend simple instructions in specific situations. The sentences they produce in English are incomplete and contain very little grammatical content.

ESL A2 Upper Elementary

Students produce simple sentences both orally and in writing. They are also capable of participating in an exchange of simple and everyday information.

ESL B1 Intermediate

Students are able to understand more complex ideas and texts. While they might still struggle with more advanced grammar and vocabulary, by the end of a B1 course, students manage to develop a certain level of spontaneity in speech.

ESL B2 Upper Intermediate

Students on a B2 level are able to speak fluently and interact with native English speakers. They can still make some minor grammatical or spelling mistakes, but still possess enough knowledge to use English for professional purposes.

ESL C1 Advanced

On a C1 level students understand all speech and writing, even some less common idiomatic expressions. Their writing skills will develop enough for them to produce more complex content pieces, and their speaking skills will allow them to use English in a professional environment and for academic purposes.

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Depending on your academic and professional needs, as well as personal preferences, you can enroll in a beginner ESL program in Hong Kong or any of our schools in other locations and study until you reach the desired level. If you wish to enroll in any of the higher ESL levels, contact us at to schedule a test to determine your knowledge and language skills. Based on the results, we will be able to place you in the most appropriate group where you’ll continue the learning process with ease.

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