EFL Courses in Hong Kong

Learn the most widely spoken language in the world! Enroll in our Monkey Tree EFL course in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories or Macau, and study English at your own pace and in a comfortable environment. English can provide a number of new educational, professional and social opportunities - and no matter how well you know it now, rest assured your language comprehension will level up at a staggering pace. At Monkey Tree we offer courses for absolute beginners and those who are already familiar with more or less complex grammatical concepts and vocabulary.

Why English

English is the most widely spoken language in both emerging economies and most developed nations. It is the first language of many nations and it is used as an official language by a number of international organizations and agencies. By learning English, you are getting a valuable tool you can use if you are looking to operate on an international stage.

What Is An EFL Course

EFL is an acronym for a course where you study English as a Foreign Language. It is specially designed for students over the age of 16 whose primary language is not English. There are several levels of an EFL program created to accommodate students with different levels of language comprehension.

Types Of EFL Courses In Hong Kong

EFL courses in Hong Kong are structured depending on the levels of English students are studying at. However, there are also several different types of EFL programs designed to meet students different goals.

These include:

  • General English courses - For students who want to improve their knowledge of English for general usage of language. While the main focus is put on listening and speaking, students constantly work on enriching their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar.

  • Academic English courses - For students who want to learn English at a higher educational level than the one provided in public schools. During this course, students will gain language skills they need to complete tasks that are a part of a higher English education course.

  • Business English courses - For recent graduates or professionals who need to improve their language skills and use English for professional purposes. Upon finishing this course you will gain the vocabulary needed to work in your specific line of work anywhere in the world.

Which EFL Course Is For Me

To find out more about the EFL programs in Hong Kong that Monkey Tree has to offer, feel free to contact us. Someone from our staff will be happy to explain all the details and help you decide which of our courses best suits your needs and current level of knowledge. If you are unsure how familiar you are with English grammar or how well you comprehend more complex structures and vocabulary, come to one of Monkey Tree schools in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories or Macau, test your knowledge and find out. Our tests are designed to test all language aspects - the results will show us just how good you are at grammar, vocabulary, writing, speaking and reading. Only this way can we find the most appropriate EFL group to include you in.

Learn English With Ease

In order to facilitate learning, we focus on creating EFL groups in which all students possess more or less similar knowledge of English. In such way we manage to create a friendly learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing themselves orally in front of their peers. Furthermore, by putting together a group of people who are looking to improve the same language skills, it is less likely that some students will fall behind or sit in class bored while the teacher is going over things some students are already familiar with. Join one of our EFL programs in Hong Kong and improve your English comprehension as soon as possible.

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