• Mon to Fr
  • 1 hour / class
  • Max.8
This language immersion course has been designed to help students develop the fundamentals of English. By providing a safe and encouraging environment, students are able to learn and apply their English skills. Our independently designed program adopts a blended learning approach that infuses activities and games with interactive engagement reinforce to key learning objectives.

Course Levels

Chat Rooms are divided into two levels, namely “Walkers” and “Runners”. The “Walkers” level is for students aged between 3 and 4 years with a lower level of English. The “Runners” level is designed for students aged 4 to 6 years who may have a slightly higher level of English.

Monkey Tree has developed interactive software that is specifically tailored to our Chat Room HK lessons. They utilize interactive images, flashcards, and games to help facilitate and reinforce the learning objectives and target language of our monthly themes. These games also help teachers assess and promote students comprehension and listening abilities.

Daily Activity

To facilitate learning our Chat Rooms follow one theme per month with two subthemes - introducing new vocabulary words and sentence structures. The Chat Room hk program runs Monday through Friday with each day having its own daily focus activity.


Course Features

1 Monthly Workbooks

Our Chat Room workbooks have been designed to introduce and develop thematic learning.

Bi-weekly Vocabulary 兩週一組詞彙
Song Lyrics 歌曲
Skill Focus 學習重點
Concept Check 概念檢查
2 Small Classes

Our classes have a 1:8 teacher to student ratio to ensure that your child has sufficient time to engage with the teacher and progress their learning.

3 Passing Exam

A passing exam ensures that they have achieved the language objectives.

4 English Proficiency Exam

Our English Proficiency Exam (EPE) is an oral language assessment designed to gauge the level of your child’s English comprehension and speaking capabilities.

5 Monkey Town App

Our in-house designed app reinforces key concepts and vocabulary taught in class.

Trial Lesson

Free Assessment

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Assessment Test

Dear Parent,
       Thank you for taking our Online Assessment for General English. Please note that this is not a final assessment of your child’s abilities. This aims to provide you with an estimation of your child’s level for your reference. Please accompany your child to complete the following test. Some parts of this assessment will require your guidance.

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