China Co-operation

  • Application Form: 1 Day

    Interested parties provide basic information about themselves along with their preferred city opening. Due the large volume of applications, it is important applicants provide detailed and accurate information at this stage. Only successful applicants will be contacted to proceed on the later stages.

  • Interview: 7 Days

    Successful applicants will be contacted via telephone for an in person meeting. During the meeting, the details of the licensing requirements along with its operational details will be gone over in detail with the perspective licensee for their consideration.

  • Vetting Process: 30 Days

    Once the licensing terms have been verbally accepted, Monkey Tree will be requesting a series of documents from the perspective licensee for its due diligence process. Documents include but not limited to financial proof, academic history, credit records, character references, or any other supporting documents that help Monkey Tree determine the perspective owner’s viability to run the operation.

  • Campus Selection and Approval: 30-60 Days

    Once the vetting process is complete, Monkey Tree will then send operational representatives to visit the perspective city and run through a series of site selection criteria on site selection requirements. Monkey Tree will also be simultaneously conducting feasibility analysis on the perspective city and evaluate its location, exposure, rent, competition, convenience etc…

  • Execution of License Agreement: 7 Days

    Once the city has been approved, the official license agreement will be delivered. At the licensee’s request, another meeting could also be set up to explain the terms and conditions of the contract. However, it is strongly advised cooperator seek their own independent legal advisor for co-operation interpretation.

  • Training and Orientation: 30-60 Days

    After the License agreement has been duly executed, the training schedule will be immediately set-up to fit the licensee’s schedule. The training program entails all the necessary components towards the operation of a Monkey Tree, along with detail guidance on the various stages on the set-up of its regional operation.

  • New Center Set-Up: 60-90 Days

    From design to renovation, Monkey Tree would be providing assistance to the entire process of developing a shop that complies with all the Monkey Tree pre-requisites and requirements. A checklist of designated materials including stationary, furniture, teaching apparatus, books, etc…will all be provided along with our supplier contact.

Center Opening: 1 Day

Before the opening of a center, a final inspection is to be conducted by Head Office to ensure all the designated requirements have been fulfilled. Once ready, dedicated Head Office staff will also be present to ensure the operations in opening period are smooth and efficient.

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