Our Management Team

Ms. Christine

Curriculum Development Executive

Our curriculum development team is dedicated to creating teaching material that can be transformed into interesting and effective lessons. We constantly strive to improve our curriculum by incorporating the feedback of teachers, students, and parents. This research enables the team to ensure that the tailored curriculum is level appropriate, accurate, engaging, and up-to-date with Hong Kong education standards.

Additionally, the Curriculum Development Executives enhance the curriculum by designing, producing, and editing materials that can be used in class and at home. Many of the study tools offered at Monkey Tree, including our Phonics story books and our Cambridge books, allow students to continue learning after they have left our classrooms. By designing material that is fun and easy to use, students are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language on a daily basis.

Mr. Pete

Center Development Executive

With the teaching team at the forefront of our operation, it is crucial that all of our teachers are fully supported and developed over their tenure at Monkey Tree. In the classroom, the teacher is responsible for providing a beneficial lesson, so we look for teachers who are passionate about teaching and who are eager to help students reach their full potential. Our Center Development Executives are instrumental in ensuring Monkey Tree teachers perform to our standards.

After our teachers undergo an intensive training program, the center development team are responsible for ensuring the teachers continue to offer beneficial lessons in the classroom. Through constant communication with their designated centers, the Center Development Executives work with the teachers to help them improve the quality of their classes. Every teacher is observed and appraised, and this helpful feedback is designed to ensure all of the teachers are implementing useful lessons on a regular basis. Additionally, the center development team is available as a resource for our teachers to discuss their classes and their life in Hong Kong.