Sheung Shui

Mr. Max

Mr. Max is from Surrey, England. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies at Newcastle University and then went on to complete his master’s degree in International Relations at Durham University. His love of travelling compelled him to complete a CELTA course at UCL and begin teaching overseas. Mr. Max is a talented footballer who is looking forward to testing himself on the pitches of Hong Kong. His other hobbies include hiking, cycling and DJ’ing. He can’t wait to get started teaching at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy was born and raised in the East of Southern Africa. She obtained her Bachelor of Commerce degree in Hospitality Management from Stenden, South Africa, as she always wanted to work with people. She then decided that imparting knowledge would be more rewarding, and furthered her studies with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education Management from the Management College of Southern Africa. Other than her love for the human race, she loves the outdoors, is an avid runner, fitness enthusiast, and dabbles in a good fantasy novel.