Park Island

Mr. Jack

Mr Jack was born in North Yorkshire, England. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Writing in which he acquired from the University of Greenwich in London, England. His hobbies include hiking, collecting records, listening to music and eating out. Mr. Jack is extremely excited to be living and working in Hong Kong and looks forward to experiencing the sights and sounds of the city.

Ms. Johané

Ms. Johané grew up in a small, but picturesque town that is at the heart of the Cape Winelands district in South Africa. She graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies. After graduating, she set out to Tianjin, China, where she discovered her passion for children and teaching. She is excited to explore Hong Kong, immerse with the culture and be inspired by her students.

Mr. Robert

Mr Robert is from Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated with an honors degree in Psychology, providing counselling and group therapy to children and teenagers alike. Having au paired for a year, Mr. Robert enjoys working one-on-one with students and giving them the attention, they need. He is excited to travel throughout Asia, and is happy that Hong Kong is his new home. He hopes to learn a lot through his travels, but also in the classroom.

Mr. Andrew

Mr Andrew is from Johannesburg South Africa. He studied a BSS in History and Politics. He has worked in retail for the past 4 years and has a deep love of Bose audio products. Mr Andrew great with people and enjoys interacting with kids.