Tai Kok Tsui Metro Harbour Plaza

Mr. Scott

Mr. Scott comes from the green, hilly lands of Wales in the United Kingdom where he studied Computer Forensics at the University of South Wales.  He has lots of fun teaching and had previously taught in Shenzhen before coming to teach in Hong Kong. When Mr. Scott isn't teaching, he loves to listen to music, read books and try to learn new languages.

Ms. Christine

Ms Christine is an energetic teacher who comes from South Africa. She has a master’s degree in Biological Sciences and has come to Hong Kong to teach English to learners at Monkey Tree. Both Ms. Christine's mom and sister are teachers in South Africa and in the Netherlands. Ms. Christine enjoys teaching children and loves to encourage learners by making lessons fun. By making lessons fun, Ms. Christine believes the child's memory of the lesson content is improved. Ms. Christine loves exploring Hong Kong and respects the culture and the people of Hong Kong. She is super excited to be in Hong Kong working with the Monkey Tree family to teach English to young learners.

Mr Joseph

Mr. Joseph is a 23-year-old teacher from Wales, in the UK, and can speak two languages – English and Welsh. He has a bachelors degree in business and management from a university in his home country. Following his graduation, Mr. Joseph took the leap to move to China for a year to teach English. In China, Mr. Joseph became passionate about teaching. He decided that after living in China, Hong Kong would be the perfect place to continue teaching English, especially with Monkey Tree. Mr. Joseph is a very happy person, and can always be seen with a smile on his face. He’s very much looking forward to getting started and working with the Monkey Tree family!

Ms. Bethany

Ms. Beth graduated from Towson University in Baltimore. She taught English in South Korea for the past two years, where she enjoyed learning Korean and traveling around Korea. She is excited to explore the beaches around Hong Kong!

Ms. Shannon

Often displaying her designer and illustration skills taught from Columbia College Chicago, USA, Ms. Shannon is a long time ESL veteran who's dived into every aspect of the teaching experience. She's worked in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Guangzhou for over 8 years for students 1-60 and is currently working on a preteen literature series on the side.