Lam Tin Laguna Plaza

Ms. Sophia

Ms. Sophia is a very happy and enthusiastic teacher that enjoys interacting with children. She's taught in various countries around the world and is excited to start her new adventure in Hong Kong to further develop her career as an English teacher.

Mr. Robert

Mr. Robert is 33 years old and comes from London in the United Kingdom (U.K). He has worked with children for over 13 years and gets great joy from making a positive impact on their lives. He hopes to be able to use his English language skills to help all the children he comes across in Monkey Tree. In his free time he enjoys football, reading, socialising with friends and travelling.

Ms. Niki

Ms. Niki is from South Africa where she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Psychology at the University of South Africa. Ms. Niki enjoys yoga, hiking and singing Disney movie songs.

Mr. Nic

Mr. Nic is from Durban, South Africa where he completed his Bachelors in Commerce Degree in Marketing. He is a Rugby referee and is passionate about working with kids both on and off the sports field. Upon completing his TEFL he was excited about getting the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to work with Monkey Tree. On his off days you will find him at a local rugby field or exploring the city and its incredible hiking trails.

Ms. Mari

Ms. Mari is from Cape Town in South Africa. She practiced as a qualified attorney for a several years. However, her love for kids made her realize she is in the wrong industry, and she quickly gave it all up to move to Hong Kong. She studied at the prestigious University of Stellenbosch and the University of Cape Town in South Africa, and earned a TEFL through the London Teacher Training Centre. She loves travelling, but she also enjoys staying home and spending time with family.