Ms. Kezia

Ms. Kezia is from South Africa and used to live in Cape Town. She studied at Rhodes University and has an Honours Degree in Political Science. Ms. Kezia has always wanted to teach in Asia and loves to use songs when teaching difficult concepts. Her favourite things are dim sum, ice cream and visiting new places.

Ms. Natalie

Ms. Natalie is 24 years old and has a master’s in photography from Middlesex University London. She has previously worked with students from the university of Hong Kong to improve their IELT's score.

Mr. Brodi

Mr. Brodi is from Canada originally, but has lived the majority of his adult years abroad, beginning with the U.K, then Ireland, and most recently Hong Kong. He's an old soul with a taste for the finer things in life, - whether it be a quiet Sunday evening relaxing with dinner, a glass of wine and an Ingmar Bergman film, or taking in an Impressionism exhibit at the Hong Kong Museum of Art - he's an individual who revels in indulging the full breadth of life's rich tapestry. His chief pursuits in life are of a scholastic nature, enjoying in particular reading history, philosophy as well as serious literary fiction.

Mr. Jamie

Mr Jamie is very happy to be with everyone at Monkey Tree. This is Mr. Jamie’s first English’s teaching job in Asia. Mr. Jamie likes to run distance races competitively, play sports and also has a Master’s degree in Psychology and Education and a Physical Education degree too.

Mr. Peter

Mr Peter was born and raised in Kentucky. He completed his bachelor’s degree in sports administration and psychology from the University of Louisville. Shortly thereafter, he earned his TEFL certificate and decided to make the move to Hong Kong to pursue teaching. He really enjoys the outdoors, eating food, playing sports, and discovering new places.

Ms. Kristin

Ms Kristin hails from Kimberley, also known as the Diamond City, in sunny South Africa. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management from UNISA. She enjoys dancing, reading, singing and traveling. She is happy to be a part of Monkey Tree as she loves teaching kids.