Ap Lei Chau

Ms. Jordy

Ms Jordy grew up in South Africa. She obtained her Bachelors of Commerce Degree from Stenden, South Africa. Ms Jordy then decided to take a break from her hospitality career in Mauritius and pursue her passion in teaching! Ms Jordy feels that being a teacher is the most heartwarming jobs there is!

Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis is from California. He graduated with a degree in Visual Arts. Mr. Davis worked extensively with children as a youth football coach before obtaining his TEFL Certification. He has a passion for working with children and philanthropy. He is also a lover of the arts, football, music, and traveling. He is looking forward to exploring the city and getting in touch with his Cantonese roots.

Ms. Ashleigh

Ms. Ashleigh grew up in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and has also lived in Johannesburg. She graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism majoring in Political and International Studies from Rhodes University in Grahamstown. Before graduating, Ms. Ashleigh ran a student newspaper called The Oppidan Press.