Lam Tin Sceneway Garden

Ms. Claudette

Ms. Claudette was born and raised in South Africa. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Media Studies, with the focus on cybersecurity for children, at Nelson Mandela University. She taught Communication Science, Public Relations, Media Studies, and Marketing, for six years at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She is passionate about teaching and learning and enjoys seeing her students develop and grow. Ms. Claudette loves vibrant Hong Kong and looks forward to teaching the young learners at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Emma

Ms. Emma is a 24-year-old South African. She graduated from Rhodes University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Biochemistry and Zoology. Emma has previously taught English at China West Normal University in Nanchong, China, and at Hakjin Elementary in Busan, South Korea. Emma’s passion for travelling and for the English language brought her back to Asia in 2018, this time to work for Monkey Tree in Hong Kong. During her free time, Emma enjoys yoga, reading, and socializing with friends outdoors.

Mr. Fraser

Mr. Fraser is a BA Geography graduate from the University of Nottingham - graduating in the summer of 2017. Despite being a keen traveler, this is Mr. Fraser’s first time in Asia and his first teaching position after his completion of the TEFL qualification in July. He enjoys playing and watching most sports with a particular passion for swimming, tennis and football, and is looking forward to continuing these as well as trying his hand at hiking and surfing. In addition to helping out at his local school back in London, Mr. Fraser is also a qualified sailing instructor, teaching children of all abilities how to sail - something which should help to prepare him for teaching in the hands-on and fun environment of Monkey Tree.

Ms. Rosh

Ms. Rosh is from South Africa. She graduated from North-West University with a degree in Corporate Communication and Graphic Design. Before coming to Hong Kong, she spent 6 years teaching ESL in South Korea and 2 years in Vietnam. In her free time, she enjoys roller skating and designing furniture out of recycled plastic. Ms. Rosh is very excited to be a part of the Monkey Tree family.