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Meet Our Teachers

Mr. Adam is from UK and studied Accounting and Finance at Leeds Becket University. After graduating he went on to teach English at a boarding school in Dongguan. The experience gained from being a very respected teacher in a demanding private school has given him great insight to what it requires for young students to reach their full potential when learning English as a second language.

Mr. Adam

Mr. Adam is from the United States. He received a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and an MBA. Mr. Adam has tutored children in English and other subjects.

Mr. Adam

Ms Adele is from Staffordshire in England and has spent many months visiting Hong Kong and Asia during the last 3 years. She completed her TEFL after discovering a passion for teaching young learners during a period of voluntary work in a school in the UK, and is looking forward to joining the Monkey Tree team. Ms Adele likes to travel to different countries, and enjoys hiking and beach days in her free time.

Ms. Adele

Mr Albert was born and raised in Oxford, England. With a degree in International Relations and a distinction in his TEFL course. Mr Albert has taught countless children to read, write and speak English at a variety of levels. He loves to teach in creative and interactive ways to ensure all of his students enjoy themselves as they learn.

Mr. Albert

Mr Aleksandr is an anthropology graduate who was raised in California, USA. His greatest passions in life are being in nature, traveling, and helping others. As a teacher, Mr Aleksandr brings a wholly student-centered approach to the classroom to instill confidence, ensuring that every learner is provided with the attention and respect necessary. During his time on Hong Kong, he plans on having achieved at least a basic conversational level of Cantonese within 12 months.

Mr. Aleksandr

Mr. Alex is 23 years old. He is from Cape Town, South Africa. He has a degree in marketing and does graphic design in his spare time. He obtained his TEFL certificate in 2016. He supports Tottenham Hotspurs and enjoys watching English football. He enjoys gaming in his free time and loves Marvel movies.

Mr. Alex

Mr Alex was born in a military barrack in Germany, where his father was stationed at the time. After obtaining a language degree in Beijing Language & Culture University, Mr Alex furthered his education at Aberystwyth University. Mr Alex really enjoys Chinese culture and has a passion for teaching and mentoring. In his free time, if he is not making music, you will find Mr Alex enjoying local cuisine and exploring historical places in and around Hong Kong.

Mr. Alex

Ms Amy was born and raised in the South of England. She obtained her BA Hons in Fashion and Design and has worked for major fashion houses in London and New York, travelling extensively in both Europe and the USA for over 10 years. Having moved to Macau and gained her TEFL certificate, she now uses her passion and love of children to teach English in a fun classroom environment. When not on the water enjoying the varied water sports she loves, she enjoys dance, running and watching live music.

Ms Amy

Ms. Amy is from Cape Town in South Africa. She obtained an Education degree from the University of Stellenbosch and then began her teaching career at a local school. She loves travelling and teaching!

Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy grew up in Bloemfontein, South Africa. She graduated from the University of the Free State with an Honors degree in Consumer Science. She completed her TEFL certificate in 2020. Ms Amy likes to live an active lifestyle by playing sports and going on hikes. She hopes to share her positive energy with all the students at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy is from Dublin, the capital of Ireland. She obtained her bachelor’s degree is General Science and specialized in Chemistry. Ms. Amy loves to travel and try on different cuisines. She enjoys teaching young children and looking forward to join the Monkey Tree team.

Ms. Amy

Ms Amy is from Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa and studied a bachelor of arts in human kinetics and ergonomics as well as drama at Rhodes University. She has also completed a PGCE to be a drama teacher and a TEFL course in the past year. She loves teaching and traveling.

Ms. Amy


Ms. Amy

Ms Annemie is from a small town called George in South Africa. She graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Technology. Before moving to Hong Kong Ms. Annemie worked as an Architect in Cape Town, South Africa for almost 2 years. Ms. Annemie likes to go to the beach and she enjoys hiking. She is very excited to explore Hong Kong. She is very creative and likes to learn new things every day. Ms. Annemie looks forward to being part of Monkey Tree.

Ms. Annemie

Ms. Anthea is from the UK and graduated with a Bachelors of Art degree in Illustration and a Master’s degree in Contemporary Curation at the University of Southampton. She is also qualified with a TEFL. Ms. Anthea’s previous work experiences were in customer service as well as a support worker for children with learning difficulties. She loves Hong Kong as her family live here and she looks forward to spending time with all the wonderful children at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Anthea

Mr. Ariaan studied at the University of South Africa and obtained a TEFL certificate shortly after. Mr. Ariaan has taught all around the world including in South Korea and Hong Kong. He has a passion for teaching young learners and loves to travel.

Mr. Ariaan

Mr. Aron was born and raised in London, England. He studied at Middlesex University in Sports Coaching and Community Development. Mr. Aron loves playing sports especially football and was selected to represent in the Hong Kong Soccer 7s Tournament. He has worked in the UK as a primary school sports coach and has also worked as a soccer coach in Hong Kong. Mr. Aron is looking forward to working for Monkey Tree.

Mr. Aron


Ms. Ashley

Ms Ava is from Weymouth, in the south of the United Kingdom. She studied Biomedical Science at Oxford Brookes University, and since then, she has completed her TEFL training and has gained experience in online tutoring. Ms Ava loves Hong Kong and all the amazing food, hikes and, experiences it has to offer. She is looking forward to teaching English and sharing her enthusiasm for learning.

Ms Ava

Mr. Willem graduated with a Bachelor Of Commerce in Law through the IIE University. He grew up in Durban, South Africa. Mr. Willem also has 160 hours advanced TEFL Certificate, as well as 2 years teaching English offline and 9 months online teaching English as a second language. He has a passion for helping and allowing his students to grow in confidence.

Mr. Willlem

Mr. Benji comes from Port Alfred, South Africa and has a Bachelor of Arts in English, German and Drama from Rhodes University. He has a background in online education and is very excited to teach in his new favorite city, Hong Kong.

Mr. Benji

Mr. Benson came from Canada, ge has accrued both experience in education and working life with a balance of Western and Eastern culture. With the University of British Columbia as the foundation of his studies and experience working in Real Estate, Media and Education. With an open-minded approach, he aims to act as a road-map to educational growth and beyond.

Mr. Benson

Mr. Bob obtained a BA in English and a second one in Journalism. After finishing university, he moved to London where he continued studying and working for almost ten years before coming to Hong Kong. He has experience teaching languages to children and adults and is very passionate about different cultures.

Mr. Bob

Mr. Brad was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. He earned his Bachelor degree in Financial Economics and his Master’s in Business Administration from Anderson University in the USA. After graduation he completed his TEFL certification and decided to move to Hong Kong to be a part of the Monkey Tree family. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, running, dancing, and playing football.

Mr. Brad

Mr. Brandon is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He graduated from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Information Systems, Economics, and Management. He is a sports fanatic and enjoys socializing with his friends and meeting new people in his spare time. Mr. Brandon is excited to teach in Hong Kong and he is looking forward to experiencing the lifestyle and rich combination of eastern and western culture.

Mr. Brandon

Mr. Byron was born and raised in South Africa although he has since emigrated to Australia with his wife. He is a Law and Criminology major from the University of South Africa and is TESOL certified. He has multiple years ESL teaching experience in Shanghai where his passion for working with children evolved. Mr. Byron is also an avid guitarist and enjoys contact sports such as Rugby and Mixed Martial Arts.

Mr. Byron

Mr. Callan is an experienced and dedicated English teacher from South Africa. He graduated Cum Laude from an American University. With nearly four years of face to face teaching experience in Mainland China and multiple ESL teaching certifications, Mr. Callan provides top class English language education to his students.

Mr. Callan

Mr. Calvin is from Naboomspruit, South Africa. He studied at the North West University (PUKKE) where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a Bachelors of Honors in Labor Relations Management. His previous experience working with kids made him pursue a career in teaching languages.

Mr. Calvin

Mr. Cam is from that beautiful slice of land at the bottom of Africa - South Africa to be precise! He holds a bachelor's degree in communications management and moved to Hong Kong in 2016. Mr. Cam has been teaching English since then and has enjoyed developing a passion for education. His hobbies include playing the guitar and watching series. He also loves going on hikes, to the beach and traveling around the world whenever he gets a chance!

Mr. Cam

Ms. Carissa is a graduate from the University of Pretoria in South Africa where she obtained her degree in Psychology. During her studies, she also worked as a private tutor and Au Pair. She has spent the last two years teaching English in China to a variety of different age groups and is also TEFL certified.

Ms. Carissa

Mr Carl is originally from England but recently lived in Italy before moving to Hong Kong. He graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with an Honors Degree in Outdoor Leadership and Education and has over 15 years experience working with young people. In his spare time he enjoys photography, outdoor activities and traveling. Hong Kong is the first place he has visited in Asia and he's very excited to be here.

Mr. Carl

Mr. Charl is from South Africa. He has previously been a volunteer teacher for special needs children at public schools. He has also been a supplementary tutor for university students. After graduating with a degree in psychology and sociology, he decided to focus on teaching English as a second language to young students.

Mr. Charl

Ms Lily is from Manchester, United Kingdom. She graduated with a degree in Business Management and has a TEFL certificate. Ms Lily is passionate about teaching English and she is looking forward to creating an enjoyable environment for her students. This will be her second year of teaching English to young learners in Hong Kong. Her hobbies include reading, shopping, and traveling. Ms Lily is looking forward to a great year at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Lily

Mr. Chris is a South African English teacher with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, he studied through Pearson Institute of Higher Education and graduated with Honours. He worked as a Student Registered Counsellor and went on to become a Registered Counsellor in South Africa in 2020. During his time as a Student Registered Counsellor, he gave psychoeducational workshops to children of various ages as well as seminars to his peers and the lecturer staff on mental health management. This experience ignited a passion for teaching.

Mr. Chris

Ms Christelle is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She completed her university degree in English language and literature at the Nelson Mandela University. Ms Christelle completed her TEFL training during her last year of university before moving to Hong Kong. She enjoys traveling, trying new food and adventures!

Ms. Christelle

Born in East London, Ms Cindy grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating from Stellenbosch University and working in the media industry, she found herself returning to her passion for languages. Here, in Macau, she enjoys imparting knowledge and teaching English to children. In her free time, if she’s not looking for new coffee shops/restaurants to try then she’s exploring the historical places within the three islands.

Ms. Cindy

Ms. Claire is from South Africa from a small town in the vineyards called Stellenbosch. She loves yoga, going to the beach, dancing and hiking. Her favorite color is purple and she loves baking cupcakes and having tea with friends.

Ms. Claire

Mr. Connor is a young, vibrant, and motivated teacher who is always trying to encourage his students to learn and participate in his class. After heading to university and completing a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Digital Marketing, he started work as an online English tutor teaching both adults and children. Now taking his talents to Hong Kong.

Mr. Connor

Ms Nella was born and raised in a small town call Middleburg, Mpumalanga in South Africa. She graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2017 having obtained a degree in Elementary Education. She had also completed her TESOL certificate in 2017 at a Thailand academy call Xplore Asia. Since then, she has been working abroad, teaching and creating English programs in her previous school based in Thailand from 2017-2018, moving to Macau in 2019. In her free time, she enjoys water sports, hiking and socializing with her friends.

Ms. Nella

Ms Courtney is from South Africa and has completed her postgraduate Honors degree in Psychology. She loves to travel to new countries, read and cook. After teacher training in the Czech Republic and teaching for a fantastic year in South Korea, she decided to move to Hong Kong to improve her skills and overcome new challenges. Ms Courtney understands the importance of a brilliant education and getting ahead in today's competitive society. She has a positive energy, is passionate about working with children.

Ms. Courtney

Mr Cuan was born and raised in South Africa. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Organization Psychology and Industrial Sociology. Whilst studying, Mr. Cuan was a student assistant for two years at a private school within the city. He enjoyed working with kids and teenagers, thus he started his post graduate certificate in education. He then did TEFL to get him to his dream city. He is exited to engage with the culture and especially the kids at Monkey Tree.

Mr. Cuan

Mr. Dale is from Durban, South Africa. After completing his BA degree in Creative Writing, he decided to complete a TEFL course in order to embark on a new journey in which he could be immersed in different cultures while helping others along the way. Mr. Dale loves sport and adventure and can often be found playing golf, hiking or exploring everything that nature has to offer.

Mr. Dale

Mr. Fourie is 23 years old and is from South Africa. He is fresh out of university and completed his studies at the end of 2020He is an outgoing person who enjoys spending time outdoors. He puts a high value on an active and healthy lifestyle. For him it is very important spending time building and maintaining relationships with his family, friends and community. He is very excited for his new journey at Monkey Tree and cannot wait to see what Hong Kong has in store for him.

Mr. Fourie

Mr. Daniel is from Durban, South Africa! He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa. He has coached children of all ages, in various different sports. Mr. Daniel likes playing sports himself. He plays hockey and loves being outside and being active. He looks forward to meeting you!

Mr. Daniel

Mr. Daniel is from the UK. He has been living in Hong Kong for three years now. He has a kind heart and is very passionate about educating children. He is a singer, songwriter and loves helping children become more confident. He enjoys hiking and doing outdoor activities. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Mr. Daniel worked in playgroups and nurseries in England.

Mr. Daniel


Mr. Daniel

Ms. Dani is a teacher originally from Cairns, a small tropical town on the North East Coast of Australia. She graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating, Ms. Dani spent nearly a decade working in the Travel Industry and volunteering abroad. Her desire for learning and meeting new people has led her to spend time in over 18 different countries.

Ms. Dani

Ms. Zhang, from Qujing in Yunnan, attained Mandarin certificate, has a rich experience in dubbing. She is cheerful, humorous, and she is good at getting along with children.

Ms. Zhang (Mandarin)

Mr. David is from Bristol, England. He studied a Business Management degree at the University of the West of England. Mr. David has travelled extensively since, including volunteering spells with a disaster response NGO in The Philippines, and most recently teaching English to children. He has a passion for adventure and mountain trekking, and je completed an expedition to Himalayan mountain range, successfully completing a traverse of Thorong-La, the highest mountain pass in the world!

Mr. David

Mr. David is from the United States of America. He was graduated from University of Maryland College Park with a major in linguistics. Traveling around the world has also been a favorite pastime, so this has led him into a career of teaching English abroad. Mr. David taught English in a private academy in South Korea for two years before coming here to Hong Kong. He hopes to refine his English language teaching skills to younger children and to embark on more adventures in Hong Kong.

Mr. David

Mr Dave is from the United Kingdom. His background is in journalism. Fun fact: he once met the Queen. He enjoys self-improvement and this was part of his motivation for moving away. He is passionate about fitness, travel, history and socialising. He hopes to inspire others, and in future to write a book!

Mr. Dave

Mr. Damon is from Pretoria, South Africa. He has a Bachelor's degree in Motion Picture Medium. After teaching in Japan, he hopes to now explore Hong Kong and learn more about its language and culture. As a teacher, he loves to see children improve their English and deeply values helping them achieve their goals.

Mr. Damon

Mr George comes from London, England. He was raised in numerous countries across Europe and has lived in several continents around the globe. He completed his Bachelor Degree at The University of Sydney and has a background working in IT, communications, humanitarian assistance and teaching. Mr George came to Hong Kong in 2018 after completing his TEFL training. He enjoys bringing a positive attitude and fun learning environment to classes and takes great pleasure watching his kids progress in their English ability.

Mr. George

Ms Denise is originally from a small town outside Port Elizabeth in South Africa. She studied psychology and has a passion for working with young children. She is a hardworking and dedicated person and gives her all to her learners. She has worked as an online English teacher and after that she has taught at a school in South Africa.

Ms. Denise

Mr. Dominic is from Birmingham in England. He obtained an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Liverpool. He first gained his passion for teaching during his time volunteering in schools in Uganda. Thereafter, he completed his TEFL qualification while teaching adults business English in the Czech Republic. He loves traveling and learning about other cultures.

Mr. Dominic

Mr. Ed is from South Africa. He studied Psychology and Anthropology at Rhodes University in Grahamstown and has been teaching for a year. Mr. Ed enjoys playing sport and he is super excited to be teaching at Monkey Tree in Hong Kong.

Mr. Ed

Ms. Elana grew up on a farm in a very small town in the middle of sunny South Africa. While she studied Information Systems, she au paired a few children in her spare time. This year she did her TEFL and is very excited to learn from the little monkeys as well as teach them.

Ms. Elana

Mr Enslin is from cape town South Africa. He studied in Durban at UKZN where he obtained a bachelor's degree in BCom supply chain and economics. He is also a professional shower singer. He likes reading poetry and occasionally embarrasses the poetry world with his own poems. Lastly, he is looking forward to his time here at Monkey tree and influencing the children's mind in a positive manner.

Mr. Enslin

Ms Flora is from Cape Town, South Africa. She obtained a Bachelor of Administration degree in branding and business management. Ms. Flora completed her TEFL certificate through the TEFL Academy. She has a passion for working with children and has many years of au pairing experience. In her free time, Ms. Flora enjoys cooking, socializing, taking photos and traveling.

Ms. Flora


Ms. Frances

Mr. Francis is from a small old city called Canterbury in the southeast of the United Kingdom. He has a background in language education, having worked with asylum seekers in the UK with no prior experience of English. He has always had a passion for the learning and acquisition of languages.

Mr. Francis

Ms. Gabrielle studied International Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University, and later went on to work in Banquet and Human Resources departments in a five-star hotel. She loves interacting with others and has a great passion for teaching. She hopes to create a lively, positive and happy atmosphere for her students.

Ms. Gabrielle

Mr. Gavin is a farm boy all the way from South Africa. He has a degree in Brand Management from Vega School of Brand Leadership in Cape Town. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors and is very excited to begin his new adventure, teaching in Hong Kong. Mr. Gavin has a passion for working with children and cannot wait to see what life experience he can get from being exposed to a foreign culture.

Mr. Gavin

Ms Gemma comes from East London, South Africa. She went to Rhodes University for four years where she studied Psychology and Sociology, majoring in environmental sociology. This was followed by 8 months of online teaching, where she discovered her passion for teaching. Wanting to be more involved with the learners and better help them with their English brought her here to Monkey Tree. She hopes her passion for helping her students and patience will get the best possible results from her students.

Ms. Gemma

Ms Gina was born in Winchester, England, but grew up in South Africa. After two years of tutoring and au-pairing in the UK, she completed her TEFL course and decided to pursue her passion for teaching young students. She is passionate about Dramatic and Creative Arts and is always looking for ways to incorporate them into her lessons. This is her first time in Hong Kong and she is looking forward to helping each child reach their full potential at Monkey Tree.

Ms Gina

Mr Matthew comes from Cape Town, South Africa. He studied Film and Video Production and has worked as a Video Editor, Content Producer and Director for Lifestyle Television. Last year, Mr Matthew completed a degree in Photography and his TEFL training. He is excited to be living in Hong Kong and looks forward to helping all his students reach their full potential.

Mr. Matthew

Mr Gui was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Social Communication and lived in different countries, including France, Norway and Chile. He has nearly eight years of experience working with diplomacy and business promotion. In 2016, Mr Gui moved to Beijing to learn Chinese and to work as an English teacher. Mr. Gui is not only passionate about teaching, but he also loves learning new languages. He can speak six different languages and intends to keep learning more.

Mr. Gui

Mr. Pedro obtained a bachelor’s degree in jazz drums in Portugal and a master´s degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. The extensive amount of time devoted to the study of languages led him to become fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. After having taught drums for more than 10 years, Mr. Pedro decided to expand his teaching skills by becoming certified in teaching English to speakers of other languages (CertTESOL) at English for Asia in Hong Kong

Mr. Pedro

Ms. Heather comes all the way from the small country of New Zealand! She studied Screen & Media Studies at The University of Waikato and has already spent some time teaching English in South Korea. Ms. Heather loves to travel and has been to over 40 countries! She is very happy to be teaching again and cannot wait to have fun with all the monkeys in Hong Kong!

Ms. Heather

Mr. Heinrich is from Cape Town, South Africa. His hobbies include cycling, hiking and exploring local restaurant. He can speak English, Afrikaans and a little bit of Xhosa, a native South African language. He is excited to explore everything that Hong Kong has to offer.

Mr. Heinrich

Mr. Herman is from Sunny South Africa. He is 29 years old. Mr. Herman also grew up in n family where his parents were both teachers. He studied Agriculture at the Technical University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. Mr. Herman has a big passion for education. A fun fact about him is that he has an identical twin brother called Wessel.

Mr. Herman

Mr. Hansen is a dedicated teacher who wants the best for his students. Being familiar with phonics programs, he finds it enjoyable teaching it to children. With his previous teaching experience in a private school and being a homeroom teacher, Mr. Hansen makes a perfect addition to our Monkey Tree team.

Mr. Hansen

Ms Huang studies Chinese Literature for her post-graduate degree. She believes that every kids have amazing language potential. She has been teaching kids aged 3-12 for some days. Ms Huang thinks teaching through games is the best way and she want her students can learn in a happy atmosphere, while catching the charm of the Chinese culture.

Ms. Huang (Mandarin)

Mr. Hugo is from Devon, United Kingdom. He has a degree in Geology from the University of Plymouth. He completed his TEFL qualification. He has a passion for the outdoors and outdoors activities which he hopes to continue while living in Hong Kong.

Mr. Hugo

Ms. Izzy is from Somerset in England. While studying for a degree in English Literature she spent two months at Meisei University in Tokyo where she first taught English as a foreign language. After graduating, Ms. Izzy worked at a brewery for 2 years before completing a TEFL certificate in 2020 and moving to Hong Kong. Ms. Izzy loves to explore, travel and go on adventures.

Ms. Izzy

Ms. Jamee is from South Africa where she studied film at Wits University. She loves animals and pets. She only started teaching now but she loves it already!

Ms. Jamee

Born in South Africa, Mr. James attended university in Cape Town and Kwa-Zulu Natal. After ten years of competitive gymnastics, he became a coach for five years and as a result, has experience working with children of all ages. He has a passion for teaching and loves the idea of being able to make a difference in the lives of others. .

Mr. James

Ms. Jane has flown in from Johannesburg, South Africa. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rhodes University, and majored in Legal Theory and Psychology. During her time at Rhodes she also tutored Psychology students. Ms. Jane continued to the University of Pretoria where she graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Ms. Jane

Mr. Janus is from Pretoria, one of South Africa's capital cities. After graduating university, he worked as a social media marketer in the television industry for a few years before obtaining a TEFL degree and moving abroad. Apart from Hong Kong, Mr. Janus has also taught in China and South Korea. He enjoys travelling, reading and making embarrassingly lame jokes.

Mr. Janus


Mr. Jared

Ms Jasmine is an American from the suburbs of Washington D.C. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in History in May 2016. She is a self-proclaimed history geek and looks forward to exploring the rich history of Hong Kong. She has spent many years being the go-to neighborhood babysitter and looks forward to working with and inspiring her students at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Jasmine

Mr Jason is from South African and has obtained a law degree from the University of Johannesburg. Mr Jason is a driven and passionate individual who loves interacting with young children. After obtaining his Tefl certificate Mr Jason is looking forward to the new challenge which awaits him in Hong Kong and at Monkey Tree. Mr Jason loves the outdoors and partaking in various sporting activities in his spare time.

Mr. Jason

Mr. Jason is from Ireland. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Programming and Design at the Limerick Institute of Technology. Before coming to Monkey Tree, he worked as a Web/Graphic Designer. He later went on to complete his TEFL course in 2017. His hobbies include playing games, computers and art.

Mr. Jason

Ms. Jean was born and raised in Ireland. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Midwifery and her Diploma in Nursing from London South Bank University in the UK. She has lived and worked in London as a midwife/nurse for over 20 years. She completed her TEFL certification and decided to move to Hong Kong to be part of the Monkey Tree family.

Ms. Jean

Ms. Jodi studied a film and media degree in her hometown, Cape Town, South Africa. She au paired and taught dramatic arts in Florida, USA for two years before relocating to teach in Hong Kong. Ms. Jodi loves anything outdoors, beaches, traveling, and is looking forward to making a difference to the upcoming generation of this beautiful city.

Ms. Jodi

Mr. John spent a year in India teaching English to monks before studying history at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He then went on to join the military, followed by management in local government. He moved to Shenzhen to teach English in 2018, before landing a role as an English teaching presenter on kid’s television in China. He spent most weekends in Hong Kong and loved it so much he decided to move here.

Mr. John

Mr. John finished his Bachelor’s Degree at the City University of Hong Kong. He enjoys playing and watching rugby, going for hikes, and having a good conversation. John is excited to help his students build strong language skills, and develop good self-confidence.

Mr. John

Mr Steven is from the United States and grew up in California. He graduated from the University of California, and then worked on numerous movies and television shows in Hollywood as a lighting technician. In 2018, Mr Steven decided to earn his TEFL certificate. Mr. Steven wishes to integrate art and entertainment in all his lessons, and hopes his students will have so much fun and love his classes.

Mr. Steven

Mr. Jon graduated from Syracuse University in New York where he studied Sports Education and Psychology. Mr. Jon enjoys playing basketball, football and volleyball. He also enjoys working with young learners and getting to know his students.

Mr. Jon

Mr Jordan comes to us from Dallas, Texas USA. He has previously taught English in Yokohama, Japan and he enjoys teaching kids all about the English language. In his free time, Mr Jordan enjoys traveling, going to concerts and sporting events, and playing drums. Mr Jordan is happy, excited and optimistic about the future.

Mr. Jordan

Ms Kaera was born in sunny Durban, South Africa. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Rhodes University. Ms. Kaera loves the beach, hiking and trying new foods. She also enjoys shopping and reading. Ms. Kaera is very excited about teaching at Monkey Tree!

Ms. Kaera

Ms Kaitlyn comes from a small coastal town called Knysna, which is in South Africa. She graduated with an Honor’s Degree in Media Studies and taught at a Private College for four years. Ms Kaitlyn loves teaching and working with children, and is happy to be a part of the Monkey Tree team here in Hong Kong.

Ms. Kaitlyn

Ms. Kara is from sunny South Africa. Although she grew up in Durban; she studied a BBA in Brand Building and Management at Vega School of Branding in Cape Town. Ms. Kara decided to move to Hong Kong to broaden her worldview and immerse herself in the culture. In her spare time, Ms. Kara likes to go on adventures - making memories and friends along the way.

Ms. Kara

Ms Karen was born and raised in Scotland. She has a bachelors degree in Business and Management and TEFL certification including specialising in teaching young learners. She loves children and has a passion for teaching. She has a lot of experience as she worked in many learning centres in Hong Kong. She has also worked in the United States and volunteered at a disabled children's home in Nepal. She loves reading and exercising in her free time. She has been to over 30 different countries and counting!

Ms. Karen

Ms. Kate was born in Cork, in the south of Ireland. She recently graduated with Honors in English Literature and Political Science. Ms. Kate is really excited to share her love of the English language with all her wonderful students. She is also looking forward to exploring all Hong Kong has to offer, especially the amazing food and hiking.

Ms. Kate

Ms Tina is from England and has spent the past 17 years working with children and young people in sport and youth leadership. Ms Tina has a bachelor’s degree in Sport & Exercise Development and is looking forward to living in Hong Kong and working with the children here.

Ms Tina

Mr. Keeran was born in East London, South Africa but was raised in Johannesburg. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology and Criminology in 2017 and has recently graduated with a post graduate Honor’s degree in Applied Psychology. He is passionate about education, sports, outdoor activities and cooking. He is excited about his new journey with Monkey Tree and is looking forward to all Hong Kong has to offer.

Mr. Keeran

Kelly is from London, UK. She’s got a degree in Interior Design so she is super creative. She loves to travel and eat a lot of delicious food. She has previously taught in China for about 4 years but now she is in Hong Kong with Monkey Tree and is extremely excited to meet you all.

Ms. Kelly

Ms Kerry is from South Africa. She studied in the UK earning a degree in Emergency Service Management while working as a paramedic. She returned to South Africa and continued on to complete a Bachelor of Business Science in Management and Economics. Her love of learning and travelling inspired her to obtain her TEFL degree in order to help others get a great education while also experiencing the world. She loves spending time with family and friends, travelling and sport.

Ms Kerry

Mr. Kevin is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Honor’s Degree in Environmental Geography from Nelson Mandela University and he has 5 years’ experience as a sustainability consultant to various industries throughout Africa.

Mr. Kevin

Mr. Simon graduated in England with a degree in primary teaching. Afterwards, he gained extensive teaching experience working in China full time for three years. Mr. Simon has a love for travel in Asia and spends his free time hiking, socializing and making movies. H

Mr. Simon

Mr. Kieran studied psychology and education at Nottingham Trent University. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, he worked in a nursery in the UK and a summer camp in America as a windsurfing counsellor/lifeguard. He loves to travel and enjoys learning about different cultures.

Mr. Kieran

Ms Kim was born and raised in Benoni, South Africa. She holds a BA in Visual Communication with experience in the publishing industry as a Managing and Assistant Editor. She has previously taught in public schools throughout Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and has tutored Business English online to adults from around the world. Miss Kim is a passionate teacher and is committed to the achievement of her students.

Ms. Kim

Mr. Kenny grew up in USA. He studied cultural studies in Humboldt State University. In his spare time, he likes to go hiking and play basketball. He wants to travel around the world and learn more languages.

Mr. Kenny

Ms. Alex is from a small town called Grahamstown in South Africa. Back home, she studied Journalism and Philosophy at Rhodes University, and hopes to become a great novelist one day. Ms. Alex spends many days painting, and writing poems and stories. She has come all the way to Hong Kong to experience the rich culture of the big city and share her love of the English language.

Ms. Alex

Ms. Kirstin was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and studied at the University of the Western Cape. Her eagerness to travel and growing passion for teaching encouraged her to complete her TEFL course. She has a love for sports, sightseeing, eating good food and meeting new people.

Ms. Kirstin

Mr. Kit is from Scotland in the United Kingdom. He has a BsC in software engineering and a HnD in sports coaching. Mr. Kit has his TEFL teaching certificates completed. He loves playing games and sports and wants to be able to help his students understand the English language better.

Mr. Kit

Ms. Kristie is twenty-five-year-old from Cambridge, England. She studied animation at Sheffield Hallam University and graduated in 2016. Ms. Kristie has moved to Hong Kong to explore the culture and travel more.

Ms. Kristie

Ms. Nix is from South Africa. She went to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth where she graduated with a Diploma in Tourism Management and an honor’s Degree in Education. She has a passion for teaching and inspiring students to find their ‘ah-ha’ moment and become life-long learners.

Ms. Nix

Ms. Peggy was born and raised in the USA but found her passion for traveling the world after she graduated from Drake University. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with professional teaching experience in the USA, China, and now Hong Kong! Peggy loves the joyous spirit of young learners and creating bonds with her students. In her free time, she loves to draw, dance, and explore the outdoors.

Ms. Peggy



Ms. Lohandi was born and raised in South Africa. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. Ms. Lohandi completed TEFL training before moving to Hong Kong. She enjoys reading and exploring. She looks forward to be a part of Monkey Tree.

Ms. Lohandi

Mr. Lorne is from Hertfordshire in the UK. After finishing his studies at the University of Plymouth he has taught in Milan, Italy and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is very excited to be teaching here at Monkey Tree in Hong Kong.

Mr. Lorne

Ms. Louise is from South Africa. She completed her degree in Political Science at the North-West University. She has a fondness for children and wants to contribute to their lives by teaching. Ms Louise also loves the outdoors and hopes to explore much of what Hong Kong has to offer.

Ms. Louise

Mr. Brandon is from the USA. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in the USA, and he received his PhD in Hong Kong. He has lived in Hong Kong for several years, and he has teaching experience at tutoring centers in Hong Kong as well as at the university level in both Hong Kong and the USA. He is excited to be a part of the Monkey Tree team!

Mr. Brandon

Mr. Luke is an American New Zealander who loves travelling and learning new things. He graduated from the University of Auckland. He enjoys playing basketball, going for hikes, and having a good conversation. Luke is excited to help the students to develop not only their English skills, but their sense of self-confidence too.

Mr. Luke

Ms. Lynn is from Cape Town, South Africa. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems and Economics where she worked as a Software Developer. She decided to change her career path and completed her TEFL certificate. She loves children and has a passion for growth and development in young children. In her spare time, she loves exploring and cooking.

Ms. Lynn

Ms. Mandy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of London. While studying for her degree, she gained experience in teaching English as a Second Language to primary and secondary students across Hong Kong. She is passionate about teaching students of all ages. In her free time, she enjoys island-hopping and exploring the beauty of nature.

Ms. Mandy

Mr. Marcus was born in Hong Kong and raised in the United States. He has an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University. He loves aqua scaping and fishing during his free time and traveling.

MR. Marcus

Ms Maria was born and raised in Macau. She has lived in several countries i.e. the UK, Germany and Portugal. Before obtaining her TEFL certificate, she was awarded with a First Class BA in Fashion and Textiles Design. With valid experience having worked in a Nursery in the UK, she has a great passion for children and teaching. Her favourite hobbies include reading, travelling and visiting exhibitions!

Ms. Maria

Mr. Mark is from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. After completing his master’s degree in architecture, Mr. Mark decided he wanted to travel to Asia and experience a new culture and lifestyle, and he chose to come to Hong Kong. He has always enjoyed spending time with children playing games and helping them learn, and he looks forward to teaching your children in as fun and interactive a way as possible.

Mr Mark

Mr. Martin is a joyful teacher from Birmingham, England. He has a degree in Sociology and studied at Aston University. He also studied a Master’s degree in Social Research Methods at University of Liverpool for six months. He has travelled around Europe for six months and volunteered on family farms.

Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin obtained a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design in South Africa before becoming a lecturer (teacher). He has worked (as a fashion stylist) in New York, Paris, and all over the African continent. He has experience teaching young adults and is passionate about transferring his knowledge. He enjoys exploring different markets, cultures, and food and also enjoys making small leather items by hand in his free time.

Mr. Martin

Ms. Maryke was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. She studied at Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Technology. Ms. Maryke moved to Hong Kong in 2018, and received her TEFL certificate in 2019. She loves animals and likes to volunteer her free time at TAILS, a non-profit organization dedicated to help animals in need. She also enjoys traveling, painting, and crocheting.

Ms Maryke

Mr. Matt is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa and has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Nelson Mandela University. He has previous experience teaching online and as a private tutor. Mr. Matt has a passion for helping his students grow. Mr. Matt likes to spend his free time hiking, free diving and exploring the culture of Hong Kong.

Mr. Matt

Mr. Matthew originates from the city of Cape Town in South Africa. He completed his degree at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and has an academic background in conservation and environmental studies. Matthew is energetic, positive and enjoys laughing whenever he can.

Mr. Matthew

Mr Matt is from Maine, in the United States. He has a degree in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from Clark University. He has worked in advertising and publishing secondary school textbooks for sight impaired students. Mr. Matt's brother, sister and father are all teachers so he is excited to continue the family tradition by joining the Monkey Tree team.

Mr. Matt

Mr. Matt is from England and graduated from the university of Brighton. He has passion for sports, including football, rugby and cricket and is hoping to both play and watch some sports while he is here in Hong Kong.

Mr. Matt

Ms. Mia is a South African / German citizen who grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. She completed bachelor degrees in Physical Therapy as well as Mechanical Engineering. She is passionate about the arts, such as music, drama and dancing, with many years of ballet training below her belt. She enjoys reading, exercising and socialising in her spare time. She is adventurous and spontaneous, with a love of life which she hopes to share with the Monkey Tree students through teaching.

Ms. Mia

Mr Michael is from South Africa. He enjoys a variety of sports and loves traveling in his free time. After working as a project manager for 2 years, he developed a passion for teaching and took up a second job to teach Chinese students over weekends. Today Michael is living out his passion for teaching by working for Monkey Tree. He is looking forward to the future and he is excited for the adventures still to come!

Mr. Michael

Ms. Michele comes from sunny South Africa. She has an honors degree in Psychology and a Post graduate degree in Teaching. She loves traveling and working with children. Ms. Michele has a passion for English and reading, and loves to make learning fun. She is looking forward to helping her students love learning as much as she does.

Ms. Michele

Ms. Claudia is from Australia. She has a bachelor degree from Oxford Brookes University, UK. Since her graduation, she has worked in Seoul, South Korea as an English teacher and in business roles. In her free time, she likes listening to music, sightseeing and working out.

Ms. Claudia

Mr. Mustafa is 30 years old and from the UK. He graduated with a university degree in 2015 and had travelled all over the world since then. He gained a passion for languages and learned Japanese in his spare time. He is excited to embark on a new future with Monkey Tree, Hong Kong.

Mr. Mustafa

Ms. Mya is from Canada, where she recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations. She loves language, culture, and children, so she is thrilled to be here in Hong Kong to teach English at Monkey Tree. Her main goal for her time here is to connect with her students and to see them have fun and thrive as they grow their English language skills.

Ms. Mya

Mr. Myles sought to pursue a degree in Engineering at the University of Leeds, with Psychology, and with a focus on Education and Development. Whilst studying Mr. Myles applied to work as a Learning Support Assistant at a Special Educational Needs school in the UK. The children there had a range of intellectual disabilities and comorbid disorders, and displayed challenging behaviors. This provided the foundations for his desire to become an Educator.

Mr. Myles

Ms. Nadine is from South Africa and received her degree in Financial Management from the University of Pretoria. As she enjoys engaging with different cultures and sharing her love of language. She hopes to teach as well as learn from her students. She finds laughter often inspires learning and will encourage humor and joy in all of her lessons.

Ms. Nadine

Ms. Nancy is from Toronto, Canada. She obtained a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University where she studied Finance, Accounting and French. She adores animals (and has two dogs of her own) and is passionate about both languages and education. Ms. Nancy enjoys teaching children and is committed to the academic development and long-term growth of her students.

Ms Nancy

Mr. Neil is from Liverpool City in England. He studied illustration and graduated with honors from the University of Huddersfield. Before coming to Monkey Tree, he worked as a Youth Exchange Project Coordinator across Europe helping young people learn and practice English. In his spare time, he likes to paint gigantic murals and go scuba diving.

Mr. Neil

Mr Nicholaas is from the from the United States of America. Before he came to Hong Kong, he spent a year in Shenzhen also teaching English with young learners and he had a great time doing it. Mr Nicholaas really likes sports and his favorites are basketball and soccer. He hopes to be able to attend a lot of the Hong Kong Soccer League games in his off time from Monkey Tree. One thing he has learned is that if you try your best no matter what, good results will end up coming your way!

Mr. Nicholaas

Mr Nico is from South Africa and grew up on a farm in the North-West Province. He has a graduate degree in electronic engineering and a passion for photography and architecture. He has spent two and a half years in South Korea teaching English to young learners. He loves exploring new places and learning more about new cultures and people. He is very excited to live and teach in Hong Kong!

Mr Nico

Ms. Nicole is from sunny Durban, South Africa. She obtained her Bachelor of Honors Degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa. She loves working with the children at Monkey Tree and enjoys motivating them to reach their goals whilst learning English. Ms. Nicole loves traveling and hopes to do various trips in the near future. Ms. Nicole is a fun, loving and caring person.

Ms. Nicole

Ms. Nikki comes from Scotland. She has a degree in Management from the Robert Gordon University. She completed her TEFL course last year and has previously taught English in Hanoi, Vietnam for 6 months earlier this year.

Ms. Nikki

Before moving to Hong Kong, Ms. Nina was an English teacher in mainland China. She loves children and is passionate about English language teaching. In her spare time, she likes water sports, hiking and exploring new places.

Ms. Nina

Ms Pam was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in French, Politics and Legal Theory at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. Ms Pam taught French at a pre-school in Harare and was a part of the communications personnel at a start-up company based in Harare, before she obtained her TEFL certificate. She enjoys reading and music, and she's excited to be a part of the Monkey Tree family.

Ms. Pam

Mr. Pavlo is from hot South Africa. He obtained his honors degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Pretoria in 2019. He privately tutored many different subjects during University which sparked his passion for teaching. He loves the outdoors and sports.

Mr. Pavlo

Ms. Paxton is from Durban, South Africa. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Creative Brand Communication. After receiving her degree, she went traveling through the United States working as an au pair. She decided to complete her TEFL and head to Hong Kong. She is looking forward to experiencing a new culture.

Ms. Paxton

Mr. Philip is a Korean-American who was born in Korea, but was raised in U.S.A. He studied computers and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Cybersecurity from the state of Maryland. Mr. Philip looks forward to working with all of the students and teaching them to the best of his abilities.

Mr. Philip

Mr Philippe was born in Hengelo, the Netherlands. He obtained a Bachelor degree at Windesheim University and a TEFL degree afterwards. Mr. Philippe loves creating animations, spending time with his fiancée and reading international literature. But most of he enjoys seeing his students progress and take steps towards a great future!

Mr. Philippe

Mr Pierre was born in Pretoria, South Africa and proceeded to do his bachelor's in science, majoring in microbiology and physiology at the North-West University in Potchefstroom. He is a very social person who is also very adventurous, enjoys going on hikes and experiencing more of nature. He came to Macau to travel and experience the world with all it has to offer and has fallen in love with teaching.

Mr. Pierre

Ms Rachael is from the United Kingdom and completed her TEFL degree in order to fulfil her love of travelling. She originally studied History but decided to become a teacher because of her love for working with children. Before coming to Macau, she volunteered in a primary school in rural Fiji where she helped her students learn English and Maths. While there, she also did lots of hiking and completed a skydive! She enjoys meeting new people, eating good food and pushing herself out of her comfort zone. In her free time she looks forward to trying all the local food and exploring hidden gems in Hong Kong and Macau. She's excited to watch her students progress and eat lots more dim sum!

Ms. Rachael

Mr Raffaele has previous teaching experience in the United States as a university professor in the field of communication. He earned his Master of Arts in communication studies. Mr Raffaele speaks 4 languages fluently (English, Italian, Spanish and Romanian) He enjoys outdoor activities and is looks forward to exploring Hong Kong and learn more about its many secrets.

Mr. Raffael


Ms. Siu

Ms. Tia is from Hong Kong. She studied a BA in international Hospitality and Tourism Management at Northumbria University. She is passionate about languages, travelling and photography. Ms. Tia loves meeting new people and loves children!

Ms. Tia

Ms René is from the small city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Miss René studied at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University where she obtained her master's degree in criminal and labour law. Miss René spent a year teaching abroad in China, before coming to Hong Kong. Miss Rene's interests include traveling, learning foreign languages and reading.

Ms. René

Mr Reyneke grew up in South Africa where he attended North West University. Mr. Reyneke has a passion for teaching and always aims to set a good example for his Students. He enjoys outdoor activities like golf, swimming, and trail running. Mr Reyneke enjoys a healthy lifestyle. He gets along well with others and always makes an effort to build a healthy relationship with his colleagues.

Mr. Reyneke

Mr. Richard is from the United Kingdom. He has lived and worked in many places around the world, including China. During his time in China, Mr. Richard would visit Hong Kong as often as possible and really liked it here. He enjoys creating a fun and relaxing environment for all his students.

Mr. Richard

Mr Robert is from Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated with an honors degree in Psychology, providing counselling and group therapy to children and teenagers alike. Having au paired for a year, Mr. Robert enjoys working one-on-one with students and giving them the attention they need.

Mr. Robert


Mr. Roderick

Mr Royston comes from Christchurch, New Zealand. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English and Education from the University of Canterbury. He has previously taught English in Beijing. This made him fall in love with all things Asian. He loves eating delicious food and exploring new places. He hopes to expand his teaching abilities and learn new things here in Hong Kong.

Mr. Royston

Mr. Ryan studied a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in South Africa and has since taught English in China and Vietnam. He stumbled upon teaching and now considered it a passion. Ryan takes pride in helping students improve their English.

Mr. Ryan

Ms. Sabrina is from Florida, USA. She obtained her Biomedical Engineering / Nanotechnology degree from Boston University and worked at a cancer research institute before deciding to get her TEFL and TESOL certifications and move to Hong Kong. Ms. Sabrina is excited to explore her love for teaching and looks forward to meeting her new students.

Ms. Sabrina

Mr. Sanjok has been living and studying in Hong Kong for over 10 years. He has a Bachelor Degree in Business from the University of Wollongong and a TESOL certificate. In his free time, Mr. Sanjok loves to play football and watch Manchester United FC’s matches. He hopes that one day he’ll visit all the countries in the world.

Mr. Sanjok

Ms. Sasja is from South Africa. She would love to incorporate certain elements of her current skills set to become a successful teacher to support the vision of the Monkey Tree group. She firmly believes in continuous self-leadership, growth, and would like to add to her formal education in the future.

Ms. Sasja

Ms. Shalané is a registered pre and primary school teacher in both South Africa and Australia. She holds an Honors degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), a TEFL certification and is currently enrolled for a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Ms. Shalané has over 5 years’ experience teaching as well as spending 2 years in Shanghai as an ESL teacher. Ms. Shalané is a born academic who believes in lifelong learning with a great passion for children.

Ms. Shalané

Ms. Shannon was born in the UK where she graduated with Honors in Business Management. She has experience working as an Au Pair in Spain and Turkey and is very passionate about teaching English as a foreign language to young children. Ms. Shannon loves to travel and she is really looking forward to travelling around all of Hong Kong and its neighboring countries.

Ms. Shannon

Ms Shardale was born and raised in Durban, South Africa. She has been travelling since the age of 5 where she first began school in Texas, USA. She has her Bachelor's degree in English and Media Studies. She has worked as a news reporter, co-host and associate producer for MixFM in Johannesburg and even managed a restaurant for a while. However, the call for teaching was strong. She comes from a family of academics with her mum being the Dean of Education in Mpumalanga, so she couldn't help but follow in a great lineage of footsteps to be a teacher. She has been pushed by her family to always reach for greatness. Shardale loves working with all age groups of kids and first started in 2012 in South Korea followed by Vietnam in 2016 before coming to Macau in 2017. She is our current Head Teacher and has thrived off her great team at FCK making the very best of her time with Monkey Tree. On the side, she also loves organising get togethers and cooking for all those dear to her.

Ms. Shardale

Mr. Shawn is from South Africa. He has his Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management. He is eager to work with Monkey Tree students and is excited to be living in Hong Kong.

Mr. Shawn

Ms. Sheldon is from Manchester, UK. She graduated from her university in Leeds, UK, with a BA (Hons) degree in International Tourism Management and has also been rewarded with her TEFL certificate. Ms. Sheldon is looking forward to meeting everyone at Monkey Tree and to take the next step in this exciting new career!

Ms. Sheldon

Mr. Shian completed his LLB Degree at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and graduated in 2015. After completing his practical legal training in 2017, Mr. Shian was admitted as an Attorney (or Lawyer) and practiced as one until deciding on an exciting career change mid-2019. Mr. Shian joined the Monkey Tree Team in August 2020 and has found working with his young students to be highly rewarding.

Mr. Shian

Ms. Shireen is from Canada. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Studies and has always had a great passion to assist children to ensure their optimal development. Shireen had volunteered abroad in Peru to carry out an English workshop and completed a year placement in a kindergarten classroom. Ms. Shireen loves to dance, sing and enjoys anything that sparks creativity.

Ms. Shireen

Mr. Siebert is an enthusiastic teacher from South Africa. He has a degree in Construction Management and is busy doing his post graduate certificate in education (PGCE). When he has free time, he is either learning Mandarin, playing guitar or exploring the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Mr. Siebert loves to explore new cultures!

Mr. Siebert

Mr. Simon is from UK. He studied Fashion Design at the University of Lincoln. After graduating, he travelled the world and settled in Australia where he worked in facades engineering. He has moved to Hong Kong to pursue his dream of teaching. Mr. Simon is enjoying the fulfillment of transforming the lives of young people in this beautiful city. In his spare time, he is passionate about personal training and fitness.

Mr. Simon

Ms Sophie is from the UK and was born in Hong Kong. She has a BA in Drama and Theatre Studies from Royal Holloway University and a Master’s degree in Acting at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. She found a passion for teaching after working as an assistant ballet teacher for one year and went on to complete her TEFL qualification. Ms Sophie is very excited to return to Hong Kong and to start teaching the Monkey Tree students.

Ms Sophie

Steven is from Minnesota in the United States. He has a degree in Construction Management and worked in the railroad industry for 7 years before moving to Hong Kong! Steven loves interacting and teaching kids and can’t wait to have a positive role in their development while they learn English!

Mr. Steven

Ms Catherine is from Indiana in the United States of America. She attended Ball State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in general studies with a concentration in Psychology of Human Development. She also earned a two-year degree in Early Childhood Education. Following her studies, Ms Catherine spent 10 years working as a preschool teacher. In her spare time, she enjoys figure skating, reading, and traveling. Ms Catherine is very excited about working at Monkey Tree and experiencing life in Hong Kong.

Ms. Catherine

Ms. Emily is from a small city called Swansea in the U.K. She graduated from Durham University with a degree in Psychology and had just completed the CertTESOL course. She can’t wait to meet all the children and help them to improve their English. Miss Emily enjoys travelling and eating delicious food!

Ms. Emily

Ms Tamin-Lee is from South Africa. She studied Law and is a qualified Legal Practitioner who found her passion to be in working with young children. She completed the TEFL courses and looks forward to teaching in Hong Kong and getting to know the culture.

Ms. Tamin-Lee

Ms. Tanya is from East London, South Africa and studied Hospitality management. Before moving to Hong Kong, Ms. Tanya worked in both sales and in hospitality. She also taught English online to various age groups and fell in love with being able to reach so many people through language. She enjoys traveling and creating good relationships with her students and their families.

Ms. Tanya

Ms. Tayla graduated from the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, where she majored in English and Political Science. After a few months of working in logistics, she decided to pursue her passion for teaching in Hong Kong. Ms. Tayla is a big fan of all that Hong Kong has to offer and is excited to try the local cuisine and explore the beauty of Hong Kong.

Ms. Tayla

Ms. Teri is a bubbly blonde from sunny South Africa. She travelled after school and completed her TEFL in Thailand, she then studied further completing her BCom in marketing. Ms. Teri loves sport, the outdoors and is always up for a new adventure!

Ms. Teri

Ms Cai, from Fujian, graduated from a university in Fujian. She immigrated to Hong Kong in 2016 and has a second-class certificate in Mandarin. She is cheerful and amiable, responsible and patient.

Ms. Cai (Mandarin)

Ms Tiffany is originally from Washington State, in the USA. She obtained her Bachelor of Business Administration from Gonzaga University, and later chose to pursue a TEFL certificate. She originally moved to Macau in 2012, and lives here with her husband and her two dogs. She enjoys playing video games, eating spicy food, and taking her dogs for walks in the park. She loves Macau, and is very excited to join Monkey Tree!

Ms. Tiffany

Mr. Tim has been working in the UK as a professional percussionist and music teacher for many years. He has a BA in Classical Music as well as a CELTA. Mr. Tim first came to Hong Kong in 2015 to spend six months studying Wing Chun kung fu. Mr. Tim is an enthusiastic teacher who really enjoys helping his students grow. He is very happy to be a part of the Monkey Tree team.

Mr. Tim

Mr. Tyler is from the Midwestern United States. He graduated from The Art Institute of Chicago where he studied studio art and creative writing. He enjoys making art, writing, watching movies, playing basketball, and trying new foods. He is excited to be living in Hong Kong with its fast-paced lifestyle and rich culture.

Mr. Tyler

Mr. Ulrich is from South Africa. He graduated from the University of the Free State with a Bachelor in Investment Management and Banking. He is a sports fanatic and enjoys socializing with his friends, meeting new people and going on hikes in his spare time.

Mr. Ulrich

Ms. Lou was born and raised in South Africa where she obtained an honors degree in Biokinetics and practiced as a physical therapist for 6 years. She has a passion for working with children and is very excited to be in Hong Kong and teaching at Monkey Tree.

Ms. Lou

Ms. Vanisha was born and brought up in Hong Kong. She studied Communication Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. She is passionate about teaching, traveling and fashion.

Ms. Vanisha

Mr Simon is from Johannesburg, South Africa, he studied Sound Engineering and Business Management, in Perth, Australia. Mr Simon used to teach music and also worked in a children’s theatre. Mr Simon is excited to share his enthusiasm for teaching with the Monkey Tree team!

Mr. Simon

Ms. Victoria was born in California and completed her first year of college. This led to her decision to pursue a career in teaching English, where she could use her talents and creativity optimally. She finished her Bachelor's degree in Music with an English Minor at The Education University of Hong Kong, taught English for over a year, obtained her CertTESOL from English for Asia.

Ms. Victoria

Mr. Vincent is from Leicestershire, England and moved to Hong Kong in 2019. He has a passion for teaching and inspiring children. He enjoys making learning fun and by using games to encourage friendly competition. Mr. Vincent loves snooker and bowling.

Mr. Vincent

Mr. Wade studied Archaeology at the University of Pretoria in sunny South Africa. Tutoring and training fellow students and staff wherever possible, he pursued a career in education so as to have the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. Always eager for adventure and the outdoors, and sharing those experiences with the young.

Mr. Wade

Ms. Jessie is from England and recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. She completed her TEFL whilst in Hong Kong and hopes her background in the arts help her in creating fun and engaging lessons that students will enjoy and learn from. She enjoys reading, crocheting, and music.

Ms. Jessie


Mr. Warren

Mr. Khan studied at Birmingham City University as a professional photographer and graduated in 2018. In the previous year, he finished TESOL and taught in various locations. Mr. Khan strives to be better every day, to overcome fresh difficulties, and to acquire more knowledge. He believes knowledge is the key to understanding.

Mr. Khan

Mr Waylon is from the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It was here that he attended the University of South Africa and obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Criminology and Diploma in Forensic Investigation. Mr Waylon moved abroad and taught in China for a year before deciding to move to Hong Kong. Mr Waylon enjoys learning different languages and discovering more about foreign culture.

Mr. Waylon

Mr. Wayne is from the beautiful country of South Africa. He enjoys travelling around the world and learning about different cultures. He is passionate about teaching and watching students grow to their full potential. He enjoys sports and the great outdoors.

Mr. Wayne

Mr Will joined Monkey Tree after completing his degree in film studies. After his studies, he decided that he wanted to share his passion, energy and enthusiasm for teaching. Mr Will hopes to provide the best teaching service possible and wants to help every small monkey in and around the centre to speak English well. Mr Will's interests include filmmaking, photography, sneakers, and sightseeing.

Mr. Will

Mr. Winston is from Devon, England. Winston has completed his TESOL course with the passion in teaching young learners around the world. Winston loves extreme sports including surfing, mountain biking and scuba diving.

Mr. Winston

Ms. Woné is from the beautiful country of South Africa. She has completed her Degree at the North-West University of South Africa. She is an experienced swimming instructor and sports coach. She discovered her passion for working with children early on in life. Ms. Woné enjoys being involved with young learners and helping them grow their love for the English language. She hopes her passion and patience will get the best possible results for her students.

Ms Woné

Ms Wu is a Chinese language teacher came from Mongolia and moved to Hong Kong in 2018. She is cheerful and patient in lesson and teaches kids based on their characteristics. She wants her students learn in a happy classroom.

Ms. Wu (Mandarin)

Ms Li, from Hubei, graduated from Nanjing University with a master's degree certificate and a second-class certificate in Putonghua. She used to be an international school teacher in Jiangsu and worked in Hong Kong in 2018. She teaches in accordance with children's aptitude, according to each child's personality characteristics, seeking creative teaching methods suitable for different children.

Ms. Li (Mandarin)

Ms Xu moved to Hong Kong in 2017 from Fujian, China. She has been rewarded as Outstanding tutor for GAPSK. She is a cheerful, patient and responsible person who loves to stay with kids.

Ms. Xu (Mandarin)



Ms Ku came to Hong Kong in 2018 for post-graduate study. She is a energetic and responsible teacher. She thinks the best way to teach is to make students learn actively with curiosity . That is why her lessons are full of games and joy.

Ms. Ku (Mandarin)

Mr William is from the UK. He has obtained BA Honors degree in Leisure & Tourism from the College of St Mark & St John in the UK and a TESOL certificate from the Trinity College of London. As well as teaching in Monkey Tree, Mr. William also manages two football teams and enjoys travelling.

Mr. William

Mr. Zubair graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Finance through the Coventry University. He was born and raised in Hong Kong. While studying in the UK, Mr. Zubair has worked with the National Health Service (NHS) of UK. He has an experience of teaching in a kindergarten in Hong Kong. Apart from teaching, he enjoys travelling and football.

Mr. Zubair

To meet our professional teachers from different locations, please click HERE.