Kornhill Learnscape

Ms. Dani

Ms. Dani is 24 years old and comes all the way from South Africa. She studied and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, where she majored in Psychology and Industrial Sociology. After she completed her degree, she went on to do her PGCE at the University of South Africa. During her studies, she taught for two years before making the decision to see the world. She taught in Chengdu, China for eight months. Ms. Dani has visited Hong Kong a number of times and decided to make the move after she fell in love with the place!

Mr. Jason

Mr. Jason comes from South Africa. He has experience teaching English to students in Vietnam. Changing the lives of young learners is something that drives him to succeed. Mr. Jason is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing football.

Ms. Maria

Ms. Maria is from Ireland and has recently graduated with a master’s degree in Cardiac Health. Alongside nutrition and healthy eating, working with kids is also one of her passions. She has previously volunteered in India working with disadvantaged children and now wishes to pursue teaching by helping Monkey Tree learners fulfil their full potential. She looks forward to starting this new and exciting adventure in the beautiful city of Hong Kong.

Ms. Mel

Ms. Mel is a Human Rights lawyer from South Africa. She obtained both a Bachelors of Commerce and a Bachelors of Law with honors from the University of Johannesburg. Ms. Mel has worked as a Human Rights lawyer in South Africa for the last 5 years. She is currently taking a sabbatical from law and looks forward to working in Hong Kong..

Ms. Kristina

Ms Kristina comes from Canada. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, from the University of British Columbia. Before coming to Hong Kong, she had previously taught in public schools throughout Hanoi, Vietnam. Ms. Kristina is passionate about following current global events and learning about how to improve the education of students internationally.