Monkey Tree English Learning Center was established in Hong Kong in 2009. There are currently over 60 different locations spread across Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Since its inception, it has grown to become the largest supplementary English provider for children between the ages 3 – 12. Our goal is to infuse a Westernized environment into our different locations to give children an opportunity to not only learn English the native way, but also to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

The First Center

The first Monkey Tree Center was opened at Fortress Hill.

The First Branch

The first Monkey Tree Branch was opened at Heng Fa Cheun.

Establishment of Panda Garden Language
Learning Center

In November 2010, we opened Mandarin courses, offering students the opportunity of develop trilingually. Due to its warm welcome from parents, Panda Garden Language Learning Center was formally established in 2011. Our high quality language education allows students to learn and master Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, etiquette and proficiency, etc., which also help students to perform better in school admission interviews.

5 Centers

Number of students:

10 Centers

Number of students:

The First Franchise Center

The first franchise center opened in West 9 Zone Hong Kong, and more and more franchise centers opened, so that more friends who are passionate about education joined us.

20 Centers

Number of students:

Publishing Phonics Textbooks

Monkey Tree developed the textbooks Phonics Jungle in-house.

Establishment of Fortress Hill Head Office

The Head Office in Fortress Hill was established, making better courses for every Monkey Tree English Learning Center, and providing more comprehensive support.

Awarded “Star Academy”

Monkey Tree Group won Hong Kong’s famous educational magazine “Parents’ Parental Accommodation” awarded “Star Academy 2013” and “2014 Brand Quality Education”.

30 Centers

Number of students:

China Development

We are pleased and honored to have partnered with Wahaha 3J group to embark on a joint venture to further extend our educational services in China. Wahaha 3J group offers a tremendous amount of resources and knowledge into the Chinese market for our insights. Additionally, it is an organization that shares our level of commitment for development in the early childhood English education sector. Our flagship store was opened on Sept 1st, 2014 in Hangzhou.

Established Publisher

Monkey Tree Group has opened a publishing house “Canadian Bookstore”, malls physical bookstores and online bookstores “Little Beaver”, the implementation of editing, publishing, printing one-stop solutions, retail, children can enjoy the highest quality of materials and books.

40 Centers

Number of students:

Publishing Phonics Jungle Readers Box Set

We published Phonics Jungle Reader Box Set. The readers are designed for our Phonics students. Fun characters and engaging stories can help students build up a reading habit and also build vocabulary. In addition, they can also practice with Mom and Dad.

Established Kindergarten

Grace Garden International Kindergarten and Nursery is committed to providing high quality education that develops each child’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs. Through our structured curriculum and dedicated personnel, we aim to inspire young people to be open-minded, balanced, and reflective life-long learners. Our goal is to expand a child’s intercultural understanding to encourage them to be respectful and considerate internationally-minded citizens.

Establishment of Grace Garden Playgroup
The Second Branch in China
51 Centers

Number of students:

11 centers in Mainland China
58 centers in Hong Kong
3 centers in Macau
13 centers in Mainland China
63 centers in Hong Kong
3 centers in Macau