Message From The Director

Executive Director, Mr. Rick

Language learning is a lifelong task. It does not start and end with school education. At Monkey Tree, we firmly believe that in order to effectively teach English, it is essential to adopt a multidimensional approach of educational play while also providing an encouraging and natural environment for kids to maximize their English potential. Due to environmental constraints, it is often difficult for children to have an opportunity to practice and apply what they have learnt in their regular schools. Our small class sizes and our communicative style in our pedagogy are specifically designed by our professional and dedicated staff members to foster a stimulating learning environment. Our priority is to create a setting that instills confidence, develops creativity, and nurtures independence in order to support our students on their lifelong journey of learning.

In order to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming the best an d most effective English supplementary provider, a number of key initiatives have been put into place to ensure we achieve that challenging objective. First and foremost, we strive to provide the best service through recruiting, developing, and retaining talented individuals to create the backbone of our organization. A dedicated team of Human Resource professionals constantly recruit qualified teachers from a variety of countries with diverse backgrounds. What all of our Native English teachers have in common is that their inspiration to work at Monkey Tree is grounded in their passion for teaching children as well as their desire to experience all that Hong Kong has to offer. Teachers undergo a comprehensive training program, which includes an extensive theoretical course detailing Monkey Tree’s multifaceted courses in addition to a practical component of observations and appraisals. We pride ourselves in fostering our talent internally and we constantly offer opportunities for promotion and growth within the organization. We believe in cultivating and accommodating our staff because we know that happy and supported team members are fundamental for our success.

Our collaborative hard work, dedication, innovation, and our relentless and insatiable appetite for improvement has enabled our organization to firmly establish itself as the largest supplementary English Language provider for young children in Hong Kong. This could not have been achieved without the perseverance of those willing to develop this educational platform and those able and eager to be both taught and inspired. Every aspect of our organization is constantly evolving and we are continuously improving, bench-marking, and appraising the different components of it. Whether you are looking into pursuing a franchising opportunity or you are one of our valued or prospective students, parents, or staff members, I look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

Best regards,

Rick Sung

Executive Director