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Looking for the perfect place to start learning English from scratch? Or you want to build the skills you already have? Get in touch with Monkey Tree English Learning Center to enroll in the right course for your age and level of knowledge!

Experienced English Language Teachers

We are known Hong Kong-wide for our friendly learning environment and passionate teachers - all native English speakers! With an extensive educational background and unmatched language skills, they help kids of all ages rapidly improve their language skills through fun and games.Monkey Tree also offers advanced English courses for adults who want to further their education and become English teachers anywhere in the world!

Advanced Language Courses

Monkey Tree English Language Center offers its your students various learning opportunities. We focus on developing all language skills - reading comprehension, writing, speaking and listening. At Monkey Tree, we equally work on enriching their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, to ensure they build an all-round knowledge of English language.

We create lively and comfortable environment where children will not feel pressured - we encourage speaking activities and interaction among peers that proved to hasten the learning process in young learners.

Regardless of your age, you can join one of our ESL courses improve your skills and utilize English language to

Advanced Language Courses

Our adult English learners can join Monkey Tree in Hong Kong to study for two of the most widely recognized and valued English language courses that will allow them to teach English in any of the English or non-English speaking countries.

Advanced English language courses that Monkey Tree offers in Hong Kong are:

  • TEFL - Want to teach English abroad? Obtain the most widely recognized English language certificate in non-native English speaking countries.

    Reputable English Learning Center

    Monkey Tree English Learning Center was established for 10 years. During the decade, we have helped thousands of children advance their English skills to the level of their mother tongue. Though we started as a local English language center, we’ve managed to build schools all across Hong Kong.

    Now you can enroll in our classes in any of our centers in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories or Macau.

    Our native English teachers don’t just teach you the language. Our goal is to familiarize young learners with the Western culture from an early age and help them build an emotional bond with the language they are learning.